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Environmental responsibility

In March 2006 David Marlow was awarded the coveted World Superyachts Award for Environmental policies during a Gala Celebration at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice. This is the first Environmental Award presented to a member of the marine industry by the Superyachts Society, and celebrates Marlow Yachts commitment to the surrounding environment and environmental impact of its manufacturing at the Norsemen Shipyard in China. David Marlow accepted the award stating,

"Marlow-Norsemen have pioneered environmentally responsible marine manufacturing on a global basis and this award is a great recognition of our success. I am encouraged and appreciative to the Superyacht Society for bringing this important issue to the forefront of the industry’s attention."

In August 2006, Marlow-Norsemen launched a Recycle Campaign, which requires all of Marlow-Norsemen’s vendors and suppliers to use recycled product and environmentally sustainable practices wherever possible.